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Website Design

Why do I want a website?

In the modern business landscape, if you don’t have a website, you may as well be invisible. The phone book has been made redundant, replaced by on-line technologies and search engines. Users, and potential customers want all the information about your company, instantly – at the click of a button. There has never been a better time to build your website and join thousands of companies already benefiting from being on the internet.

That’s where we come in! Let us build your website!

Jaquru Web Designs specialize in building fully functional, easy to use websites for small to medium sized businesses. We also build blog pages for individuals and smaller media houses. We primarily use the WordPress platform to build our sites, because it is compatible with most hosting servers and allows us to keep development costs to a minimum.

Advanced Functionality

By using various add-on software we can add all the functions you want, without creating a heavy platform that becomes cumbersome and difficult to use. Photo Galleries, Embedded videos, Content Management Systems and fully functioning E-Commerce sites with payment gateways and stock control are just some of the functions we can add to your new website.

We also give the end user full access to a ‘back-end’ where they can constantly update and edit their content to make sure their website stays up-to-date.

A Website does not have to cost 10’s of thousands of Rands!

We offer one of the most competitive pricing structures in the Web Design market at the moment, and consistently beat quotations given by our competition.

So cheap and cheerful?

Not at all! Jaquru Web Design, uses technologies that allow us to work smarter in stead of harder. This means we can deliver completed websites quicker and at lower costs, without compromising on quality. Don’t believe us? We firmly believe in not selling a product that we would not use ourselves – this is why our website was developed entirely in-house, using exactly the same methods and technologies we would use to build your website. Here are more EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK