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Recent Projects

Recent Projects

One of the largest recent projects in our portfolio, was the website we created for Eddlesgas.

Eddlesgas & Tackle

recent projects

For Eddlesgas we needed to create a very powerful site with E-commerce functions, contact forms and a number of complex shop items with multiple variations in order for customers to order cylinders with or without gas refills etc.

The site was created over the space of about 2 weeks, with a further 2 weeks needed to fully populate the site with content.

Eddlesgas Blog
Eddlesgas Blog
We created a blog or news page for them where they can create posts quickly and easily. This image also shows the easy to use drop-down menus featured on the site.
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Klein’s Business Solutions

With Klein’s Business Solutions requiring a fairly simple site, much of our time was spent perfecting the colour scheme and design to match their newly created corporate image, courtesy of Louis Kruger, our preferred graphic designer.

Contacts Page with Hyperlinked e-mail addresses and phone numbers that can be recognised by mobile devices.
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Q on Cars

Q on Cars is a personal blog by a local car enthusiast. Blogs are of course where WordPress truly comes into its own, so we exploited all the rich features it offers, with dynamically updated home pages, media galleries and integration with social media platforms.

The home page updates dynamically with the latest blog content
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Suider-Kruis Centre


We sponsored the website for Suider-Kruis Center in Strand. They required a multilingual site with a news section, information about their school/ creche facilities and on-line application forms.

home eng
Home page in English with the option of Afrikaans site
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More recent projects will be uploaded soon, with permission from the respective site owners.