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Website Hosting

Once you decide to create your website, the question of website hosting comes into play. We have teamed up with some of the best website hosting companies in the country in order to ensure we can offer reliable and secure hosting to all of our customers.

We take care of registering your domain, creating your e-mail addresses and obviously setting up your website to work on the new hosting service.

Depending on your exact requirements, we can set up a domain on a dedicated hosted server or shared server; we can take complete control of your domain, or give you access to a C-Panel where you can customize and change settings as you may require.

We prefer to host all the sites that we design as it gives us more control over the development environment. As mentioned in the WEBSITE DESIGN section of our website, we use very advanced software to help us speed up and simplify the process of designing and building your website. In order for this software to work the way it is supposed to, we have to ensure that the website hosting service is up to the task. We also need to be able to control certain settings and files in order to ensure that the Search Engine Optimization works exactly as intended, to make sure you get as many hits as possible.

Website hosting packages are available at very low starting price points, so there is no reason not to have a website any more!

Website hosting for the uninitiated…

A website hosting server is basically a big powerful computer somewhere in cyberspace, where your website is physically stored. From there your customers can link to your website and download the content they want to see. The domain is more complicated to explain, but for most people’s purposes, a domain is basically an address space. In other words it is the .co.za bit of your website’s address, or the bit after the @ sign in your e-mail address.

The point is that with Jaquru’s website hosting services, there is no need for you to ever worry about any of these technical details – we will take care of everything for you!


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