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Website Maintenance

Once your website is up and running, it’s easy to forget about website maintenance and leave it as is, but as time goes by, the information becomes irrelevant, out-dated and can cause users to lose interest in your site. Website maintenance is almost as important as having the site in the first place. In an age where information changes daily and users are constantly searching for the latest  trends, keeping your site up to date is extremely important.

Our websites are not only easy to maintain, we give you full access to the back-end of the site so you can change absolutely everything on the site to suit your needs.

Not up to updating your website yourself? No problem – we can do it for you! Simple send us the content that you would like to have updated and we will do all the ‘tech stuff’ for you!

Website Maintenance options

All websites designed by Jaquru web Designs, are designed with a comprehensive Content Management System or CMS built in. This system makes it easy for users to add products, change and update information or post news articles about their business.

The first option available to all our customers is obviously to perform all website maintenance themselves as we give them full access to the CMS.

The next option makes the most sense for most users. For a small annual fee, Jaquru technicians will log into your website once every 3 months to post all updated information supplied by the client, and to perform some SEO functions to ensure your site keeps popping up on search engines.

The final option is for customers with very dynamic businesses where daily updates may be a requirement. This option involves a monthly agreement with the client, based on the complexities of their website, the frequency of their updates and the volumes of content that gets updated. All you have to do is send us the new content and we will make sure it goes live as quickly as possible.


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